Life-Size Oregon Trail

Will you be successful in reaching Oregon before you run out of supplies or get stricken with cholera or dysentery?  Will you ford the river or go around it?  Come play with us and decide these questions and more. 

Program will be held outside.  All ages welcome.  

History Program-Tracing Our Paths – Neenah’s Immigration Stories

We are a nation (and a city) of immigrants. Join us, when Professor Stephen Sheehan will present an overview of the stories featured in our newest exhibit and provide more of the “back story” behind them.  A recently published book detailing the exhibit will also be available at this presentation. Masks are required for all who attend and limited to 70 attendees.

The program will be available on Facebook Live via the Neenah Public Library's Facebook page.


Join the Neenah Public Library for a celebration of typewriters Thursday, August 5th at 12:30pm. The library’s first hour long “Type-Out” will feature plenty of vintage typewriters, writing events, a typewriter Time Machine, and a typing contest (held at 1:00pm sharp.) This is an all-ages event. Typewriter aficionados are encouraged to bring their own typewriters. The event will take place outside the front entrance of the library.