Proctoring Services

Proctoring services are available at no cost as a service to patrons and area residents throughout the week by appointment.

The Library is unable to provide one-on-one monitoring or view online activity during an exam. Proctors will periodically monitor individuals during an exam and enforce any time limits but cannot sit with the individual in the room for the length of the exam.

  • The following information will be required in order to request proctoring services at NPL:
    • Full Name
    • Email and/or Phone Number
    • Institution
    • Instructor
    • Course Name
    • Type of Exam: Paper or Online (Specify if you will be using your own laptop)
    • How we will receive your exam
    • Time Limit for Exam
    • Proctoring Instructions
    • Number of Exams
    • Expected Dates for Exams
  • Do not list Neenah Public Library as a proctor before contacting NPL to be approved. The proctor will not complete any forms that list exam or proctor guidelines that fall outside of our proctoring services.

• Schedule your appointment at least three days in advance. Exam appointments are not available on Fridays after 3:00 PM and limited availability on weekends.

• To schedule proctoring services, please contact the Neenah Public Library by email:, phone:920-886-6315, or visit the Adult Reference Desk.


Guidelines & Details

• Please take the time limit of your exam into account. The Library may not be able to proctor if you are late to the appointment or if the exam will end later than 30 minutes before closing.

• Neenah Public Library cannot download testing software that is not compatible with our network or guarantee that technical issues will not occur with Wi-Fi or devices during the exam.

• Chromebooks are available to use for an online examination.

• Library staff will return a written exam to the testing institution by US Postal Service, fax or e-mail. A posted envelope must be provided for USPS.

• The Library cannot assume responsibility for completed exams that are not received by the testing institution.

• Personal information about the proctor such as driver's license number, date of birth, home address, or social security number will not be provided.

• Examinations not completed by an individual within 30 days of the receipt by the Library will not be retained unless prior arrangements have been made.


Exam Day Details

• Arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to allow for library staff to prepare your exam.

•  Please bring only necessary items with you to your appointment, Library staff cannot watch your personal belongings during your exam.

• Individuals taking an exam must provide a current photo ID bearing a signature. The name on the ID must match the exam materials and the name used to schedule the proctor appointment. 

• Neenah Library staff will enforce any time limits set forth in exam materials but the staff is not able to sit with the individual for the length of the exam to monitor activity.

• Each exam is different and the library staff will be able to better help your individual needs with access to more information.

The individual taking the exam is responsible for ensuring all exam materials and proctor instructions have been received before the day of the proctor appointment.

Please contact us with any questions.

Phone: 920-886-6315


Mailing Address:

Neenah Public Library
P.O. Box 569
Neenah, WI 54957