2021 Virtual Adult Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

New Year, New Books!

Participate in the 2021 Virtual Adult Reading Challenge! Register through Beanstack https://neenahlibrary.beanstack.com/reader365

Read or listen to 12 different books over the course of 2021. We have created unique reading prompts to help you select a title to read each month. The prize will be a feeling of deep satisfaction and hours of reading wonderful books!

Earn an activity badge each time you read a book that fits with one of the reading prompts. At the end of the year, individuals who have earned 12 badges will have the chance to win a prize!

We will be more than happy to help you find the next book for your reading challenge! The idea is to encounter books outside of your usual reading routine and have fun while reading new titles.

Cheers to a New Year of Books!