Websites for Kids


Websites for Homework and Fun

  • Starfall:  Free site to teach the basics of reading. Features interactive books and phonics games.
  • PBS Kids: Preshool-4th grade. All the PBS characters with games, coloring, and music!
  • Nick Jr: Preschool – 2nd grade. Play preschool learning games and watch episodes and videos that feature Nick Jr. shows like Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Dora, etc.
  • Sesame Street: Ages 3-7.  Games and art.
  • Funbrain: 1st-8th grade. Number and word games, science and history games, reading games, printables, and more.
  •  1st-5th grade. Includes brain teasers, boredom busters, crafts, science experiments, magic tricks, jokes, and even recipes for kids.
  • BrainPop: BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.
  • Kids National Geographic
  • Khan Academy: Can't remember how to find the volume of a cube? Narrated videos walk kids through a wide variety of topics.  (description credit to: Family Fun magazine)
  • America's Library: Created by the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, this site is especially for young people. It provides information on famous Americans, historical events in the United States, and much more!
  • Chicago Field Museum
  • Country Reports: Country Reports provides over 35,000 pages of online content on the cultures and countries of the world.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • xtramath: a web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are critical to success in mathematics.
  • Mathplayground: Play with math and give your brain a workout! Math Playground is filled with 100s of math games, logic puzzles, math word problems and step by step videos.
  • Museum of Modern Art in New York City
  • Scratch Programming