Play & Learn Totes

The youth staff have created several thematic, fabulous totes for you to check out and enjoy for two weeks!

Learn more about the totes below and click here for availability.

Call the Youth Desk for more information and to place a Play & Learn Tote on hold (920) 886-6335

Checkout: 14 days

Child with toy car


ABC & 123: Develop skills in ABCs and 123s with engaging toys, books, and activities.

ABC & 123 Tote Image
ABC & 123
ABC 123 Contents
ABC & 123 tote 5227 contents


Astronomy: View some planets and the moon, learn constellations and the stories that go with them, and gaze at the night sky with the Astronomy tote.

Astronomy Contents
Astronomy tote contents


Baking: All the tools you need to bake up some fun in the kitchen.

Baking tote contents
Baking tote contents


Birds: Look up and explore the world of birds with these binoculars, song bird toys, and books all about birds.

Birds Tote Contents
Nature- Birds tote contents


Bugs: Look Closer, develop and appreciation for the smaller things all around us with the lovely world of bugs.

Nature-Bugs Tote Contents
Nature-Bugs tote contents


Code: Explore the language and uses of coding with this special bag including a Makey Makey, a WonderWorkshop Robot Dot, and a Code and Go Mouse. (Makey Makey requires the use of a computer. Dot requires the use of an app installed on a handheld device.)

Code Tote Contents
Code tote contents


Early Literacy Fun: Build early English language skills with these totes designed with the language learner in mind.

Early Literacy Fun Tote 3378 Contents
Early Literacy Fun tote 3378 contents
Early Literacy Fun Tote 3386 Contents
Early Literacy Fun tote 3386 contents
Early Literacy Fun Tote 3360 Contents
Early Literacy Fun tote 3360 contents


Everyone is Unique: Explore diversity; the understanding that each individual is unique. Teach little ones to recognizing our individual differences while cultivating an inclusive environment where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. This skill promotes and sustains a sense of belonging; it values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living.

Everyone is Unique Contents Photo
Everyone is Unique tote contents


Farm: Neigh, Oink, Baa, Moo! Down on the farm what do you hear? Tell a story, solve a puzzle, all while exploring your favorite farm animals.

Farm Tote Contents
Farm tote contents


Hear: How many different sounds can you make with kazoos, a rain stick, musical instruments and more?!

Hear tote contents
Hear tote contents


Math: Have fun with numbers, counting and coins. Play games and test your skills.

Math Tote Contents
Math tote contents


Math Beyond 10: Number properties are the focus of this tote. Go beyond 1-10 with matching games and place value.

Math Beyond 10 Contents
Math Beyond 10 tote contents


Move: Delight in all the different ways your body can move using a parachute, balance cushions, ribbon wands, and all manner of wiggly things.

Move Tote Contents
Move tote contents
Move 2 Tote Contents
Move 2 tote contents
Move 3 tote contents
Move 3 tote contents
Move 4 tote contents
Move 4 tote contents


Music: Everyone is a musician! Explore music notation and rhythm with this electronic keyboard and accompanying book and an array of music makers.

Music tote contents
Music tote contents


Our Solar System: Explore the planets of our local solar system. Gaze up at the projected stars and imagine space travel with the glow in the dark planets on a string, giant puzzle and magnets. 

Our Solar System tote contents
Our Solar System tote contents


Science Lab & Field: Do what scientist do! Explore, imagine, test! Be a field and/or a lab scientist with this tote full of activities and equipment sure to encourage observation and exploration.

Science Lab and Field tote contents
Science Lab and Field tote contents


Smell: Your nose will go wild with all the different stickers, markers, bubbles, and stuffed toys to smell in this bag!

Smell tote contents
Smell tote contents


Touch: Relax with a weighted lap square, body sock and other soothing things.

Touch Tote 9157 Contents
Touch Tote 9157 Contents 
Touch Tote 6123 Contents
Touch Tote 6123 Contents 


Water: Pour and explore water and its properties. 

Water Tote Contents
Water Tote Contents