Tax Forms - 2022

income tax

We have received the following Wisconsin tax forms:

Form 1 pages 1 & 2
Form 1 pages 3 & 4

Schedule SB
Schedule AD
1 NPR pages 1 & 2
1 NPR pages 3 & 4

Schedule WD

Schedule H (Rent Certificate/Homestead)

We have received the following Federal tax form:

1040 Form Booklet
1040 Form Instructions

The Wisconsin's Department of Revenue is not printing nor sending the following instruction booklets:

Form 1 Instructions (You may check out a copy of the instruction booklet. Stop by the second-floor reference desk to see if a copy is available.)
Form 1 NPR instructions

Schedule SB Instructions
Schedule AD Instructions
Schedule WD Instructions

You may print tax forms by visiting the IRS's website or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's website.