Legal Assistance Clinics

Legal Assistance has gone virtual. Call 920-659-0006 and leave a message and someone will return your call.


The Legal Assistance Clinic can help you with legal problems, whether you are proceeding pro se (without an attorney), or if you need the help of an attorney free of charge.

Volunteers will be available to help you represent yourself, or, in some cases, for possible referral to an attorney who may represent you without a fee. Volunteer attorneys will be available to evaluate your problem, and in most cases give you advice about how you could proceed. Please note: The Clinic cannot assist you if you already have an attorney representing you for a particular legal problem.

The Legal Assistance Clinic can offer help in the following case types:

  • Family Law (divorce, child, support, placement)
  • Small claims (landlord/tenant, debtor/creditor, consumer/merchant)
  • Domestic Abuse/Harassment injunctions
  • Probate/Wills or Guardianships
  • Property disputes