3D Printer

3D printing at the library is free and open to the the public.


Fidget Spinner
Make your own fidget spinner at the Neenah Public Library!


Fidget Spinners: The library currently has a limited number of ball bearings that you can use to create your own 3D printed fidget spinner. Make an appointment below and library staff will help you print your very own fidget spinner! Supplies are limited. One spinner per appointment/patron.

Printing at the Neenah Public Library is completely free and open to the public. Below is a list of step by step instructions to help you use the library's 3D Printer.

Step 1: Make an Appointment

Reservations can be made by calling the library at 920.886.6315. Patrons are asked to supervise the entire print process.

The 3D Printer is also portable. Invite library staff to your school, or organization for a 3D Printer demonstration. Learn how you can incorporate the printer into your next project or classroom exercise.

Step 2: Choose an Object to Print

Below is a selection of basic prints that should get you started on the LulzBot Mini. It is best to start with one of these prints in order to gain a basic understanding of the print process. The library currently offers orange High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) filament to patrons. In the future the library does have plans to add different colors, as well as different filament types.

Book Owls


Minecraft Creepers
Minecraft Creepers


Minecraft Tools
Minecraft Keychain Toolset


cuddling cats
Cuddling Cats


3D Benchy Boat


deathly hallows pendant
Deathly Hallows Rotating Pendant


origami rabbit
Origami Rabbit


Aztec Chief
Aztec Chief


low poly knight
Low Poly Knight


Low Poly Dwarf Axe Man
Low Poly Dwarf Axe Man


low-poly Bulbasaur
Low-Poly Bulbasaur


Low-Poly Charmander


low-poly squirtle
Low-Poly Squirtle


low-poly Pikachu
Low-Poly Pikachu


awesome shark comb
Awesome Shark Comb


Robber Rex
Robber Rex


Earbuds Holder
Earbuds Holder


Cute Octopus Says Hellos
Cute Octopus Says Hello


Doctor Who Tardis
Doctor Who Tardis


Wolf Keychain
Wolf Keychain




A large selection of additional 3D models can be found at Thingiverse.com. The library’s LulzBot Mini will be able to print many of the selections found at Thingiverse.com. However, for various reasons, many of these models will not be able to print on the 3D Printer. It is best to consult with library staff before you chose a model. Likewise, all prints are subject to library staff approval.

Step 3: Start Printing

Quick Start Guide:

1) Turn on Computer
2) Plug in USB cable to computer and printer
3) Turn on Printer
4) Open Cura software on computer
5) Select “Load Model”
6) Double click the model you want to print
7) Click “Control”
8) Click "Print"
9) Wait for print to finish
10) When the print is completely done, the printer will stop. Then after several minutes (of cooling) the print bed will move forward. At this point you may pry off the 3d print.
11) Turn off the printer and unplug when you are finished.

To change the size of a model:

1) Left click on the object
2) Click "Scale"
3) Change size of "Scale X" from 1.0 to something else. For instance, ".5" would be half as large.

Additional Resources:

Free 3D Creation Software:

Free 3D Models: