New library accounts and updates

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  • To open a new account.

  • Update your contact information and reactivate your existing account.

    If you only need to renew your account (no other changes are necessary) you can do this by logging into "My Account". Click the box that says: 
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    To reset PIN: Call 920-886-6325 or on the "My Account" log-in screen click Forgot My PIN.

New account applicants

  • Your library card will be MAILED within 1 week to the address you provide, assuming you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • A photo ID, with a current address, must be presented to staff in person to fully activate the account. If you do not have a photo ID with a current address, then two forms of identification are needed: a photo ID and some form of official mail that does show your current address (electric bill, water bill, phone bill, etc.). Parent/Guardian ID must be submitted when requesting library accounts for children under 16. Valid forms of identification include driver's licenses, passports, state, or military ID.  

Existing accounts

  • The account information will be updated.
  • Expired accounts will be reactivated.
  • A confirmation with your library card number will be emailed.
  • Lost/replacement cards need to be purchased in person.

Acceptance Policy
By submitting this application, you agree to the following statements:
I accept the financial responsibility for all materials borrowed on this library account. Costs may include overdue fines, replacement costs for lost/damaged materials, processing fees, and collection agency fees if applicable.
I accept the loaning policies of the Neenah Public Library and the Winnefox Library System.

Children under 16 yrs. need a parent or legal guardian to sign below and upload a valid ID.
Yes, turn on my Check Out History feature.
Neenah is in Winnebago County. Other nearby counties include Outagamie and Calumet. Check your city or town's website to verify what county you live in.
A 4-digit PIN is required for the security of your library account.
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Teacher Card

Teacher cards are available for educators at any level, including home-schooling parents, student teachers, daycare teachers and teachers in public and private schools. Teacher cards are for curriculum-related materials only (you continue to use a regular card for your personal check-outs). Holds for curriculum-related materials can be placed with a teacher card, and longer check-outs are possible by special arrangement with the youth staff. Staff will assist teachers in reserving multiple copies of a single title. The Library will bill for lost, non-returned or damaged items.

I am a teacher and would also like a Teacher Card.
I agree to the borrowing parameters placed on Teacher Cards and will be reponsible for all use made of my card.
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Teacher Address

By checking this box, I understand that I must present a photo ID with proof of address in person at the Circulation Desk to fully activate my account.