Topaz by Billy Wieler Chapter 3


Drake went from class to class to have everyone talking to him, only to stop when Topaz blew smoke. Everyone watched Topaz fly Drake’s Social Studies test to the teacher. The teacher just stared at Topaz a then said thank you. Topaz then went your welcome and the whole room gasped. Topaz casually flew back to Drake and crawled into his pocket.

The teacher tried to act like nothing unusual happened. She was unsuccessful.

Topaz by Billy Wieler chapter 2


Drake woke up with his clothes in rags. Topaz was poking and prodding at him. When she saw him wake up she let out a squeal of delight.

Drake changed, wondering why his clothes were in rags, deciding he’d rather not know. He put Topaz in his pocket and went downstairs. He poured a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, grabbed a slab of hamburger for Topaz, and turned on the news to see a very strange broadcast.


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